Missing calendar items with Nextcloud CalDav for one user on all devices

  • Z-Push 2.5.1+0-0 / Ubuntu 16.04

    We’re experiencing a strange issue with just one user where calendar items appear to sync, but are not displayed on the device.

    There were no issues until one day all calendar items seemed to disappear from the device. The calendar items are still available in Nextcloud and sync normally using CalDav directly.

    Strangely the same issue occurs on all sync clients on all devices for this user account. Other user accounts on these devices have no issue.

    To resolve I have tried

    • deleting the account on the device(s) and re-configuring
    • using z-push-admin to rsync calendar
    • using z-push-admin to rsync user/device
    • using z-push-admin to rsync heirarchy
    • using z-push-admin to fixstates
    • using z-push-admin to remove the device
    • using z-push-admin to remove the user and device
    • using z-push-admin to remove the user
    • deleting the state directory and letting z-push recreate

    When monitoring logs I can see appointments streaming to the device, but they don’t display on the calendar. Of course I have confirmed the calendar is set to be visible in the display settings on the device.

    I’m surprised the problem persists after deleting and recreating the state directory, I expected that to clear the issue. Is there anything else I could check?