Release python-kopano on PyPI

  • I just wanted to try out the python-kopano bindings, but I couldn’t even find the library to begin with! Apparently there are packages for some linux distributions, but those aren’t helpful unless you actually use one of them.

    Could you please release them on PyPI as well, like it’d the case for pretty much any other Python library? That way a script could properly depend on it via or requirements.txt, and one could install them using pip install.

  • Kopano

    Hi @ThiefMaster,

    yes that is something we also would like to do and have discussed a few times already, sadly it’s not that easy.

    python-kopano also depends on some of our c libraries, so even if you compile it yourself (which is possible) you won’t have much use for it if there are not also Kopano packages for your chosen distribution.

    If your distribution does not have Kopano packages, when using a container could be an alternative. Our docker project includes a container that has just python3-kopano and its dependencies installed (on a Debian base). You can find it at

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