DeskApp insert attachment in new mail

  • Hi,

    I have installed a fresh UCS Kopano core server with DeskApp on all clients.

    I have a issue with insert attachments on a new mail.

    When I move a file to the koano new mail windows, the file will not in the email.

    On a lot of situations it functionality, but not always.

    How can I resolve the issue?

    copano core version:
    deskapp version: 2.5.4 x64
    Windows 10 x64 Version: 1903

    I had made a screen video, but can’t insert in this message.

    Thank you.

    best regards

  • @Chris1984

    I think you’ll have to drop the attachement not only to the new mail window - you have to drop it in the attachement part (line) see sceenshot:



  • Hi,

    thank you fo your reply.

    I think is a problem with the resolution.
    I had change the resolution smaller.
    Now the attachment line is bigger.
    I test it in the next days.

    If it is not resolved, I use Outlook again with kopano server.

    best regards


  • Hi,
    I want to give a feedback of this request.

    I test it with webapp and deskapp.
    The issue is only with deskapp with the latest version.

    Now, I use only webapp with no problems.

    best regards


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