fetchmailrc option 'uidl' does not work

  • my fechmailrc looks like this:

    set daemon 300
    set syslog

    set postmaster “postmaster”
    set bouncemail
    set no spambounce
    set properties “”

    poll sslin.de with proto POP3 auth password user ‘user1@domain.de’ there with password ‘PASSWORD’ is ‘user1@domain.de’ here nokeep ssl #UID=‘user1’

    this works fine.

    But when i change the option ‘nokeep’ to ‘keep’ he received known mails every time again.
    So i found the option ‘uidl’ , but i dont know how to use it.

    Is there an example for a ‘fetchmailrc’ with a working ‘uidl’ ?

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