Upgrading ZCP to Kopano: Outlook connector?

  • Hello,

    My Debian system runs ZCP I am having severe issues with z-push (loops detected and very bad battery drains on my iphone) so I think it is time to upgrade to kopano to make debugging a bit easier.

    The main reason why I sticked with ZCP as long as I can is the Outlook connector I am using. My installed version on Windows 10 is and it still works nicely.

    What is the best way to upgrade to Kopano while keeping the connector working for a bit more?


    PS: https://documentation.kopano.io/kopano_migration_manual/zcp_migration.html suggests it would be possible but does not specify which version of the connector. Also it does not specify whether upgrade from ZCP 7.2.6 to which kopano version works

  • Outlook connector works with current Kopano version Only the update service is not implemented any longer. Unfortunately since Outlook is something slower than before. We use zarafaclient-7.2.6-52190.msi.

  • Hi, regarding zarafa outlook client / connector it is worth to mention that it still runs smootly in online mode but there are troubles and error messages in offline mode. This was seen recently under certain load, several hex error messages need to be confirmed until it goes on, so use it with care and interim.

    For your migration from ZCP to Kopano you would not need OL client / connector anyway as for your case you would export to pst at source and run kopano-migration-pst per user at destination.
    I would not reccomend a database migration as you would at least have to go migration hop over two versions: 8.4.5 1st, 8.6.9 2nd and then to 8.7.9 or 9.0.2… Importing ZCP database straight into latest Kopano simply does not work.
    Hope that helps.

  • @WalterHof : Are you sure you mean zarafaclient-7.2.6-52190.msi? I am using zarafaclient-7.2.6-52189.msi (the latest version I found). Where could I get zarafaclient-7.2.6-52190.msi otherwise?

    @TosoBoso Thank you, that’s useful but I think I don’t understand your second statement: Do I need to perform any database migration or not? The link I referenced in my original posting does not say anything regarding the database itself …

  • Kopano

    @divB said in Upgrading ZCP to Kopano: Outlook connector?:

    Do I need to perform any database migration or not?

    You will need to do so, or moreso kopano-server does that automatically at startup. There are also some more upgrade instructions at https://kb.kopano.io/display/WIKI/Migrating+from+ZCP+to+Kopano.

    I would not see the need to export to pst first, though. While its true that there is no direct upgrade path from 7.1 to the current version anymore with 7.2 you should be fine.

    If you want any guarantees, though I would recommend to get in direct touch with our support.

  • @divB
    yes I posted the msi installer name “zarafaclient-7.2.6-52190.msi”. Years ago I found it on a Zarafa download server.

  • The latest known Outlook clients are the linked one. The zarafaclient-7.2.6-52189.msi I can not find up to now. Also the changelog between the versions 189 and 190 is not available. Have anybody stored the version 190 and data about the changes?

  • @WalterHof Where can I find this?

  • fixed a crash during the opening of an archive store in conjunction with KC servers.

  • @jengelh Since I’m struggling with crashes in conjunction with zarafaclient I would really appreciate to get installer “zarafaclient-7.2.6-52190.msi”.

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