release date for z-push 2.5.2?

  • Hi!

    Is there already a release planned in the foreseeable future for z-push 2.5.2?
    ( I have customers depending on patches for iOS13.x specific patches (e.g. ZP-1524 / ) and I need to know if I have to start packaging my own z-push releases or not. )

    Kind regards & thanks for your support & development!

  • Kopano

    Hi @hodor27,

    I had a quick chat with the developers. Given the progress with 2.6.0 there is currently a high chance that we’ll skip the 2.5.2 release altogether. But that could also still be a few weeks away.

    The issue you have linked is currently not even merged, though. Are there any other specific tickets you are waiting for?

    I would recommend to directly reach out to our support. they could provide you with a custom build.

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