Automatically add shared calendar to all users?

  • Hello, i’m wondering if there is a way for all users to automatically be able to see a calendar with read/write access on only their own items? I’m playing around with using a single calendar for people to add holiday schedules so office staff can quickly see it. I know each person can add the shared calendar manually and that works great… but I would like it to be automatic if possible.


  • Kopano

    Hi @sgvfr,

    if you want everybody to have direct access (in WebApp/DeskApp) then the easiest would be to put this calendar into the public store. Afair it should then be directly shown for users inside of the calendar tab.

  • @fbartels Thank you, I will try that right now

    edit: please excuse my ignorance, but is there documentation where I can learn how to do that?

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