Support for RHEL 8 / CentOS 8 ?

  • We are still running Kopano on RHEL7, but it’s a pain because you need repositories from redhat from the software collections (at least for apache, php56 and python3).
    Kopano self also doesn’t seem to prefer this and mentioned they will keep supporting RHEL/Centos with the remi repo’s in the near future. Remi on RHEL is not really done in my opinion.

    So why not just drop support for Centos/RHEL7 all in all, RHEL8 has modstream support and has updated PHP packages. So it will be way more future proof for Kopano.
    RHEL8 has been around for some time now, and even 8.1 has been released. But no word from Kopano until now as to wheter they will support and most importantly, when will they support it?

    Any word on this, I know Debian/Ubuntu is preferred, but we only work with Red Hat software (as do most big commercial IT businesses).

  • Hi @Dizzie

    I am also waiting for supported Debian10 packages.
    I heard that Debian 10 will be supported with Kopano-Core 9.1.

    Maybe Kopano plans the same for RHEL based systems.

    Maybe @fbartels can write a statement.

    Cheers Basti

  • AFAIK it’s a mess to build php-mapi for RHEL 8 (read that somewhere on the php remi forums).

    I too hoped for RHEL 8 support with Kopano Core 10.x, but nightly 10.0.1 packages aren’t around right now.
    Since RHEL 8 is Fedora 28/29 based, and Fedora 29 packages exist, it should definitly be possible though.

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