Can´t delete orphaned store

  • I´m trying to get rid of two orphaned stores. Version in use is on Debian amd64.

    root@nas2:~/kopano# kopano-storeadm -O
    Stores without an owner:
    Store GUID                              Guessed owner   Last login      Store size      Store type
    30000000000000000000000000000000        0               39d ago         3122.45 MB      private
    30000000000000000000000000000000        0               2d ago          3070.56 MB      private


    root@nas2:~/kopano# kopano-cli --list-orphans
    Stores without users:
    Store guid                       Username             Last login       Store size       Store type
    603BBD23D7BD479DB592946A77AACC77 christian            <unknown>        3070.56 MB       private
    8D071BEA942F42619CEB29F47F6CC4CA christian            <unknown>        3122.45 MB       private
    Users without stores (0):
    User             Full Name            Homeserver

    However, when I try to delete with kopano-cli…

    root@nas2:~/kopano# kopano-cli --remove-store 8D071BEA942F42619CEB29F47F6CC4CA
    no such store: '8D071BEA942F42619CEB29F47F6CC4CA'

    it doesn´t find the store.

    Is this fixed in a more recent version?
    Is there any other alternative to delete a store?

  • @weini said in Can´t delete orphaned store:


    You can tell something is not right, but the program output is unfortunately does not give me a lead where it goes wrong Tihs would warrant an interactive debug session.

  • Sure, I´d love to do so. How can we arrange that? Teamviewer?

    Would a dump of the stores table be an additional help in advance?

  • tv, anydesk, vnc, plain ol ssh, lots of possibilities.

  • tv would be the best, from my perspective.
    You´re aware, that I don´t have a subscription? I´m just using the community build.

    Are you working tomorrow (23rd)? Which time would fit for you?

  • Just write me in a chat, it’ll turn out somehow.

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