Autodiscover: DisplayName

  • If i use as backend backendCombined with only CardDAV and CalDAV, it seems that i can’t get the FullName or DisplayName in autodiscover. If i add also BackendIMAP i found getting a DisplayName by using a SQL Query (using Roundcube in my special case):

    define('IMAP_FROM_SQL_DSN', 'sqlite:/media/mount/db/roundcube.db');
    define('IMAP_FROM_SQL_USER', '');
    define('IMAP_FROM_SQL_PASSWORD', '');
    define('IMAP_FROM_SQL_OPTIONS', serialize(array(PDO::ATTR_PERSISTENT => true)));
    define('IMAP_FROM_SQL_QUERY', "select name, email from identities where email = '#username'");
    define('IMAP_FROM_SQL_FIELDS', serialize(array('name', 'email')));
    define('IMAP_FROM_SQL_EMAIL', '#email');
    define('IMAP_FROM_SQL_FROM', '#name <#email>');
    define('IMAP_FROM_SQL_FULLNAME', '#name');

    Is there some similar way available also for autodiscover?

    BTW: Also the servername can’t be defined. Would be nice if someone have a workaround for me…

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