Installation on W2012Terminalserver failed due


i wanted to install the Deskapp on an W2012Terminal server. My problem is, that i couldn’t do it.

I got this error:
Is not permitted due to an error in the processing of the Software Restrictions policy. The object is not trustworthy
(In german: Die Installation von C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\kopano-deskapp-1.2.38-x64.msi ist aufgrund eines Fehlers in der Verarbeitung der Richtlinie für Softwareeinschränkungen nicht zugelassen. Das Objekt ist nicht vertrauenswürdig)

i haven’t got this error bevor and google hasn’t helped.

There is no Goup policy that restrict softwareinstallation.

I found many tips about Windows XP and Server 2003, but no help for W2012R2…

Thanks for help.


Hello @volkergrabbe,

silly question but did you use

change user /install

or the integrated installer from w2012 TS? (btw withour R2?)

and please check if the *.msi-file has no flag set to unsave (right-click -> properties -> “Die Datei stammt von einem anderen Computer. Der Zugrioff wurde aus Sicherheitsgründen eventuell blockiert” -> click “allow” or “Zulassen” )
The last one got me some days to install exchange-Server update :)


CentOS 7.4.1708
WebApp external Server - TCP-Socket
Z-Push 2.3.9+0-90.1
PHP 5.6.25 with Zend OPcache v7.0.6-dev
DeskApp 1.5.0
Outlook 2016(64bit) KOE 1.6.282
Outlook 2010-Zarafa 7.2.6

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