Setup for kopano-archiver dedicated host vs on kopano host

  • Hello friends of kopano,
    I want to setup the kopano-archiver. We’re currently running a single kopano instance on one server connectec to a mysql backend db runing on another server.
    My question is now about the recommended kopano-archiver setup.
    I rode the documentation but still wondering if I need an additional server runinng the archiver rather then running the kopano-archiver on the kopano host itself.

    Would be pefect if someone can point that our for me.

    take care

  • Kopano

    @holger kopano-archiver should be installed on a different host, not on the kopano host itself.

  • “host” is a bit misleading.
    First, you do need two instances of kopano-server. Although these can be placed in one namespace, the extra work to get there is usually not worth the trouble, so two namespaces is the recommended separation. Whether the namespaces are on the same host — in any imaginable interpretion of “host” — or on different ones is up to the administrator.

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