Upgrade from Zarafa 7.1.4 to Kopano 8.7.7

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    I read that I should upgrade via Kopano 8.4 but I decided to give it a try to upgrade directly, to get some experience (durations etc) with the process for the migration later on. According to the versions table, DB revision of my Zarafa 7.1.4 is 63.

    Restoring the Zarafa 7.1.4 DB into the empty Kopano DB, trying to start kopano-server it stops reporting:

    Cannot update to schema v69, because the "names" table contains unexpected rows. Certain prior versions of the server erroneously allowed these duplicates to be added (KC-1108).
    Mon Nov 25 20:25:31 2019: [error ] K-1220: To fix the excess rows, use `kopano-dbadm k-1216`. Consult the manpage and preferably make a backup first.

    Ok, so I ran kopano-dbadm k-1216. After this, the DB-revision was set to 68. Started Kopano without any errors, all mailboxes seem to be online and accessible using web-app. Now the DB revision is at 118.

    Can I conclude that the intermediate step (using Kopano 8.4) is no longer needed if I run k-1216 or is my test-migrate going to fail somewhere down the line?


  • @TuxTiger said in Upgrade from Zarafa 7.1.4 to Kopano 8.7.7:

    Ok, so I ran kopano-dbadm k-1216. After this, the DB-revision was set to 68.

    I have to correct this. kopano-dbadm k-1216 does not touch the DB-revision.

    When I ran kopano-server without running k-1216, the kopano-server process upgraded the DB revision until 68, throwing the error “cannot update to v69”. After running k-1216 the kopano-server process went through and updated the DB to the revision 118.

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  • Looks like schema 63 (the cutoff point) was already present in 7.1 (not just 7.2), so KC 8.7 is still able to upgrade from that.

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