• A customer pointed me that after changing the Send as setting in Zimbra this updated the same value in Outlook 2016 (16.0.12130.20178). Is this expected? Thanks


    Z-Push 2.3.9, backend 67.

    I’ve tried the same (tough on different z-push and backend version) on Android Gmail but I always see the configured sender.

  • I don’t know about actually setting the from address in the Outlook client, but the zimbraPrefFromAddress setting in zimbra is honoured when sending emails IF the client (Outlook) uses the default account email address (_accountName).

                $parser = new Mail_RFC822();
                $addressArray = $parser->parseAddressList($deviceFrom);
                $phoneEmail = $this->parseAddr($addressArray);
                ZLog::Write(LOGLEVEL_DEBUG, 'Zimbra->SendMailSenderFix(): ' . 'Parsed from email ['.$phoneEmail.']' );
                if (($phoneEmail == $this->_accountName) && ($this->_sendAsEmail != $this->_accountName)) {
                    ZLog::Write(LOGLEVEL_DEBUG, 'Zimbra->SendMailSenderFix(): ' . 'Phone using default email address - but zimbraPrefFromAddress different for the account - Override with zimbraPrefFromAddress');
                    $phoneEmail = $this->_sendAsEmail;

  • Good to know. Thanks

  • Outlook has been configured to login using an account alias. From what you wrote I undestood the zimbraPrefFromAddress is honored if the login user is the same as the main account name. So why is it being used now?

  • You would have to enable ZIMBRA_DEBUG for the user to see what is being sent to the device when it initializes Outlook with a Settings response (the base account email should be the first one in the email list sent back to the client), and then to see what email address it uses for the SendMail request

  • At the moment it’s fine to know it’s honoured, thanks :)