DAGENT problems after update to kopanocore-8.7.7-10-gde0ceb8bd, kopanocore-8.7.85-15-g3b4cbac2e

  • Hai,

    First i got the limit socket problem, that was fixed.

    2019-11-11T13:22:39.572895: [kopano-dagent|T14201] [=======] LMTP service will now exit
    2019-11-11T13:22:39.609848: [kopano-dagent|T2766] [=======] Starting kopano-dagent version 8.7.85 (pid 2766 uid 999) (LMTP mode)
    2019-11-11T13:22:39.610073: [kopano-dagent|T2766] [warning] K-1558: Unable to limit socket to lo: Operation not permitted
    2019-11-11T13:22:39.610118: [kopano-dagent|T2766] [warning] K-1558: Unable to limit socket [::]%lo:2003 to lo: Operation not permitted

    I had kopano-dagent.service with overrides.
    I remove the file with : LimitNOFILE=

    systemctl daemon-reload
    systemctl start kopano-dagent

    And dagent starts again, that was yesterday.
    Today i knowed dagent is logging:

    2019-11-11T14:46:07.989412: [kopano-dagent|T2352] [warning] Resolved recipient beheer@bazuin.nl is not a user
    2019-11-11T14:46:07.989901: [kopano-dagent|T2352] [error ] Unable to login for user “”: unconfigured (8004011c)
    2019-11-11T14:46:07.989914: [kopano-dagent|T2352] [error ] HRESULT ProcessDeliveryToList(pym_plugin_intf*, IMAPISession*, FILE*, companyrecipients_t*, DeliveryArgs*): FindLowestAdminLevelSession failed: not
    found (8004010f)

    The server was running fine without any of these errors.

  • ok, de deliver problems are happening due to missing “kopano-group” entries in AD.
    changing the ldap queries to “group” fixed it.

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