Kopano python: certified emails attachments without names

  • Hi,

    I have experienced that attachments of signed mails are given without name and content_id making it more or less impossible to handle them. Is this a known issue? The mail itself can be read and processed, the attachments filename is empty.

    What I basically do: log into server, select folder, select item, cycle over item.attachments() and print attachment.filename.

    When I print attachment.data, I can see the body of the whole mail starting with

    Content-Type: multipart/signed;
     boundary=----EDA30F60955315714B8F87396C9521B9; micalg=sha-256;
    This is an S/MIME signed message

    The attachments follow therein, but are not recognized by kopano python.

    Cycling over item.attachments(embedded=True) does not help either.

    Thanks in advance!

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