DeskApp glitch when using pop-out email feature

0_1485343183168_webapp glitch.JPG

When using WebApp’s pop-out feature in DeskApp to write an email (or reply to an email), the controls for editing text do not display properly. Please see screen shot.

The problem only occurs in DeskApp. It works fine in Firefox.

I am using DeskApp 1.2 final on Windows 10.

The server is Centos 7 with Kopano Core 8.1.1 final and WebApp is 3.2.0 final.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Any solutions?



Hi Patrick,

This issue is known to us and we’re currenty investigating what is causing this behavior:

Thanks for the feedback and system information.

Hello Marty

Thanks for letting me know it’s being looked at.


Hi Patrick,

It should be fixed with 3.3.0 beta 1, released last Friday.

Great, thanks Marty!