Which To-Do-app for z-push?

The compatibility matrix on https://wiki.z-hub.io/display/ZP/Compatibility says: z-sync 2.3.6 supports Task syncronisation with Android 6.

It might be a silly question: which Task app? Android 6 does not come with a task app, does it?

Hi @itserv ,

this indeed depends on your ActiveSync client. Examples of Android clients that supports tasks are for example the Nine, but also the Gmail app.

I can recommend honestly nine from 9folder.
Best activesync client ever.

Best Theo

Samsung’s stock Calendar also supports Tasks

I use “Task & Notes for MS Exchange” UniqTec Inc.

for Android.

It’s actually great!

It costs a tiny amount of money, but I can use it on how many Android devices I want.

And it works perfectly well with Kopano z-push.