calendar not show appointments after importing data.

  • Hi, I’m a new Kopano user. I have a Debian 9 with Kopano Core-8.7.83 and openLdap backend.

    My original scenario is a Zarafa 7.2.6-10 with openLdap Backend. This weekend I’ve install a Debian 9 with kopano Core8-7.83 with webapp and files plugin… I’ve sync all mailboxes with imapsync and the calendars + contacts, export/import with outlook (pst).

    I’ve import my pst (only calendar +contacts) to my mailbox and apparently works fine, but, all appointments not show with 5,7 days view, but all days are in bold (appointments exists), but if I select a list view, all appoiments are listed.

    any ideas ?


    Ángel Elena

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