User Display name with a title Dr.

  • Hi guys,
    I need to display Dr. in front of the Name of a user, so that it is later displayed like Dr. John Doe in GAB and Outlook respectively. Is it possible to do that? I was thinking to change the first Name from John to Dr. John, but it does not seem so nice to me.
    I am using Kopano 8.7.5 on UCS 4.4.1
    I entered Dr. in a field named “Title” in UCS User management, but nothing shows up in GAB. kopano-admin --details user shows me a field named PR_TITLE with the value “Dr.”
    What is the way to achieve this?

    Thanks for your help!

  • PR_TITLE is fed by the title attribute, PR_DISPLAY_NAME by cn; the latter can be changed, see the kopano-ldap.cfg(5) manpage for ldap_fullname_attribute. Apart from those knobs, it all largely depends what is in your LDAP tree.

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