Autorespond does not work as configured / ignores config file!?

  • Hello, we are using kopano (free) un an ubuntu 18.04 system.
    All works as expected, also autorespond is working, but it seems to ignore its config file.
    The file /etc/kopano/autorespond file was not present, so I copied over the sample file from “example-config” in /usr/share/doc/kopano and adjusted it (weekly notifications e.g.)
    The relevant lines are



    File which contains where vacation message was sent


    Tempfile containing message that will be sent


    It seems that the entire configuration is ignored - the directory /var/lib/kopano/autorespond exists and belongs to kopano, but it is never populated with anything. A db file “autorespond.db” is however created in the base directory itself.

    What am I doing wrong or how can I find out why the autorespond script seems to ignore the config? There is also an “autorespond.cfg” file in the shared example directory, but it seems this applies to an oelder version?

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