Shared mailbox with virtual domain

  • Hi,

    I’m trying to wrap my head around shared mailboxes served below a virtual email domain.

    The kopano installation is serving domain1.tld. This works fine. The shared mailboxes are created to use domain2.tld.
    domain2.tld is defined in postfix as virtual, with a ‘catch all’ to redirect unknown recipients to a sink:

    # Virtual
    # Various entries for domain1.tld
    @domain1.tld                  sink@domain1.tld
    domain2.tld                   anything
    # sales@domain2.tld           sales@domain2.tld            # Tried, SOFTBOUNCE
    # sales@domain2.tld           shared_mailbox               # Tried, SOFTBOUNCE
    sales@domain2.tld             shared_mailbox@domain1.tld   # Sink
    shared_mailbox@domain2.tld    shared_mailbox@domain1.tld   # Never executed
    @domain2.tld                  sink@domain1.tld

    Postfix is configured to search on mail attribute to find users / mailboxes, shared_mailbox is defined in LDAP with mail attribute sales@domain2.tld.

    Whatever I try, emails directed to sales@domain2.tld or shared_mailbox@domain2.tld either end up in the sink or with a status=SOFTBOUNCE (User unknown in virtual alias table)

    Aliases are searched for both virtual and LDAP, ldap attributes with virtual email-addresses on shared_mailbox make no difference in outcomes.

    I’m bumping my head. Apparently, I’m missing something obvious. Any ideas what that might be?

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