Debian build infrastructure

  • Hey,

    I’m currently wondering whether there’s any public access to the build infrastructure (not the servers, rather the debian rules/etc.) that’s used to build the “daily” Debian packages for I’m currently trying to patch the version of Kopano that I’m deploying personally with bugfixes that are showstoppers in the current release (no company public folders, see my tickets), and I’d rather just rebuild the debian packages with patches and deploy those, than to install Kopano Core from source. I could start adapting the build infrastructure of the public Debian package in buster against head, but as the packaging is different, I’d rather not start there.

    So: are the corresponding Debian rulesets available publically? They don’t seem to be in the public repository, but if there’s a chance to have them made available, I’d be happy. Thanks!

  • It is copied to when an update there is made (which happens more or less after a tag).

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