z-push-top not working with cluster

  • Hi, we build a cluster with a layer 7 haproxy load balancer and two z-push servers with mysql backend and memcached ipc.
    if we use z-push-admin it works, instead z-push-top does not work, it does not show any connection, it’s empty.
    z-push 2.5.0 in both backend.
    Any ideas? Thank you

  • Kopano

    Hi @frayber,

    Which backend exactly are you using?

    Does z-push-top start without errors?

    Is by any chance TOPCOLLECTOR_DISABLED set to true?

    Are there any errors in z-push.log?

    Did you checked if there’s actual data in memcached? Where is memcached server installed? On the load balancer? On one of the Z-Push servers?


  • Im’ using z-push zimbra backend.
    z-push-top starts without errors.
    TOPCOLLECTOR_DISABLED it isn’t defined.
    No error related to z-push-top in z-push.log
    I have two memcached servers, installed on both backends, configuration is:


    memcached seems populated, with about 90% of hits, but with low usage (1.8%) on total 64 MB (32 each server) and 60% wasted, are they normal values?
    Thank you

  • Now I see 27 open connections with red status, with very big time, not changing; yesterday I saw 14 open connections.
    But they are over 200, without cluster I saw all them.

  • I think tha cause of problem is memcache configuration, because if I use only one memcached server on first backend:


    it works good.
    Any suggestions? Maybe shoud I use memcache.session_redundancy and memcache.allow_failover ?

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