Relation attachment files to db

  • Hi there,

    there has been an old thread asking pretty much that question that has not been answered and I am having the same issue: my virus scanner identifies virus infected attachment files. How can I find out which emails they are related to? I have only a very faint idea how attachments are referenced in the Kopano database, but since I am absolutely not into SQL I don’t want to mess around in the database without knowing what I am doing.

    By the way - I would also be happy to be able to find emails that are referencing to attachment files that are missing (for whatever reason, i.e. if attachments files have been deleted by a virus scanner).

  • hi, are your attachment saved to disk or in the SQL database?

    Check your server.cfg file.

  • Hi, the attachments are saved as files.

  • Kopano

    @genesis74 we do have some scripts for that somewhere. In some older posts you posted a supported version number, hence I would assume you have a subscription.

    Please get in contact with our support, they can provide the information you need.

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