"Sent as" should be stored in the other mailbox

  • Hello!
    I need a tip where I can read on: If I send e-mails in the name of another mailbox (send as), the e-mails should be in the “Sent Items” folder of the other mailbox and not in my mailbox. Is this even possible? Or did I just do something wrong in my configuration?

    Thank you and best regards

  • Kopano

    Hi, this is more of a Core configuration option: you can configure this in spooler.cfg:

        This directive controls into which "Sent Items" folder(s) an e-mail message will be placed when sending messages. This applies to both these types of delegation:
        ·   "on behalf of", where, in RFC 5322 terms, the From: line is changed, and a Sender: line is added.
        ·   "send as", where the From: line is changed, and no Sender: line is emitted.
        Possible values are: no (message stays with delegate's "Sent Items"), yes (message is copied to representee's "Sent Items"), move-to-rep (message is moved from delegate to representee).
        Some MAPI clients (such as Outlook with the Zarafa DLL) may independently retain and store a copy of the message into "Sent Items", unbeknownst to kopano-spooler, thereby defeating the effectiveness of move-to-rep.
        Default: yes

    You probably want to set ‘yes’ or ‘move-to-rep’ depending on the desired outcome…

  • Moin!

    That was exactly the right clue:

    copy_delegate_mails = move-to-rep

    Actually, I could have found it myself if I had read the configuration file. But it’s not enough to just make updates. I should have checked the new configuration files in the packages for new parameters or values.

    Many thanks and best regards

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