Kopano packages from native distribution repositories (e.g. Debian 10 and Ubuntu 18.04)

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    Hello community,

    in the last few weeks there has been a rising number of questions on this forum in regards to packages with sources other than http://download.kopano.io/. While we are obviously humbled and grateful that our software has so many loyal users we ask you to include exact version information (and optionally from where you obtained them) in your post to prevent confusion for other readers.

    Please also make sure to not mix packages from different sources (e.g. Z-Push from us, but Kopano Groupware Core from Debian) as these packages may not be compatible with each other (different package names, etc).

    For issues that you encounter with these packages, but that cannot be reproduced with those obtained from http://download.kopano.io/ please make sure to get in contact with the downstream maintainers or fill an issue in the bug tracker of your distribution.

    You can find some further links and information below:

    Thank you

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