Some public folders are not visible to some users

  • Hi,
    I have several folders and subfolders into the public folders, like this:

    Public Folders
    |- Fax
       |- Inbox
       |- Outbox
       |- Alerts

    The “fax” folders is empty, all three other folders contains several mail messages.

    The problem is that not every users see that folders in Kopano WebApp or in Kopano Gateway (which has imap_public_folders = yes):

    • user1 see all 4 folders through IMAP (on Thunderbird) but see only the “Fax” folder in Kopano WebApp
    • all other users see only the “Fax” folder in both Kopano WebApp and Thunderbird (using IMAP).

    This is very strange and I cannot understand why this happens.
    The other very strange thing is that I’m sure that every user were seeing every 4 folders in the past, for sure since 20 days ago.

    The Fax folders does not have any special permissions (they are just empty so default, I think).

    Could you help me please?

    Thank you very much!

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