external ldap addressbook gab2contacts

  • hi,
    we have a kopano server with samba4 AD users=GAB. but we sync our CRM (suitecrm) contacts to a different ldap (openldap) server for different purpose (telefone adressbook etc)
    I would like to sync this second ldap-adressbook with gab2contacts to a public kopano folder.

    is this possible?

    in z-push-config.php I can add a different ldap-server as search backend, so it should not to not to be to hard to sync it as contacts??

        define('SEARCH_PROVIDER', 'BackendSearchLDAP');

  • Kopano

    Hi @segro,

    so far this script is only designed to get contacts from within Kopano. But it could either surely be extended for your case or a dedicated script could be made.

    Can you get in contact with our sales team so we set up a prof services project for this?

  • hi felix,
    thank you, for your quick response, perhaps I’ll do that.

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