Connect to Kopano Core

  • Another issue I am facing:
    Webapp is not able to connect to core at login. Although the socket (/var/run/kopano/server.sock) is created with user and group kopano.

    I only can connect to core, when using this in webapp config.php:

    define(“DEFAULT_SERVER”, “http://localhost:236/kopano”);


    server_pipe_name        = /var/run/kopano/server.sock
    server_pipe_priority    = /var/run/kopano/prio.sock
     server_tcp_enabled     = yes
     server_tcp_port                = 236


  • Hi @mcdaniels,
    can you check your filesystem permissions for /var/run/kopano/server.sock after kopano-server has started?
    There’s a problem in current community-builds related to public access-permissions for kopano-sockets on some systems. Ref. here.
    Quick workaround:
    Manually reset permissions after kopano-server startup with chmod 766 /var/run/kopano/server.sock

  • @umgfoin: Will have to build a new testmachine, when I have got time to do so.

    I’ll report back here, when done.

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