Community packages or debian packages

  • Hi All,

    What should be better. i now use the nightly build packages. Are the Debian packages more stable? are all packages available?

  • Hai,

    Maybe handy to know.

    Kopano-community packages, are nightly/development packages. these are pre-release 8.8.0 packages.
    And no, the Debian package kopano-8.7.0 is not a good version, you need at least 8.7.3 or 8.7.5.

    Im looking into building Debian packages, from the latest released from git.
    I’ll see if i can work this out with the debian maintainer.

    For now, the option is, get a latest version “community”, and if its stable, keep it.

  • Kopano

    @ckruijntjens The official recommendation is of course to use our supported packages.

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