Kopano Nightly Builds Offline

  • Kopano

    As you may have noticed, we took our nightly/master builds offline. The reason we did this is that the server where these builds are created and stored was compromised. The hack was discovered a few hours after it happened. After close examination of the event, we can confirm that no customer data was leaked.

    We have decided to take all builds offline that have been published between the hack and the discovery. This means we have taken the nightly builds (master and community) offline as a precaution. What we DO know for sure is that the final builds were NOT compromised.

    The compromised system is being replaced and new nightly builds should be available again shortly.

  • Thanks, but it appears that there is now no core system available for download (that I can find) and so it’s now not possible to install kopano at all on a new server, even with an older versions ?

  • Kopano

    @crankshaft at least you cannot install based on our nightly downloads.

    Downloads for our customers have remained online. You could request a trial key from our homepage to get access to them.

  • I’m also hit by the missing core system. I was just migrating my Ubuntu 16.04 LTS to 18.04, but there is no way to get the proper .dpkg files for the community build.
    Is there any outlook on when the daily builds will be fully available again? Or would it be possible to provide the latest final builds (which are not compromised afaik) until the daily builds are up and running again?

  • @fbartels

    What was compromised? is it the kopano packages? or was it the server where the kopano packages where stored?

  • Kopano

    @BEO I cannot give an eta for this at the moment. If you request a trial from https://kopano.com/kopano-trial-download/, then you have access to the final builds (for 30 days).

    @ckruijntjens please reread the starting post in this topic

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