Sending E-Mail through Acrobat with Kopano DeskApp

  • Hi there,

    I built an Acrobat Form with a “Send”-Button. The Send-Button starts a javascript, starts the default mail-client and automatically fill out the recipient, subject and the body.

    This works well with Outlook or Thunderbird as default mail-client.

    But with Kopano-Deskapp it doesn’t work.
    I can only use mailto, but then the email is not automatically filled out with the information I want.

    Can anybody help me?


    Yours René

  • Kopano

    Hi René,

    it’s a bit hard to say.
    Does it work by using the context menu on a file? (Send To > Mail Recipient)
    If it doesn’t try that:

    Do you use doc.mailDoc() in javascript?
    Do DeskApp and Acrobat have the same bitness?

    How does the mailto uri look like you send?

    Cheers, Björn

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