deskapp and shared mailboxes

  • Hello,

    we are currently testing Kopano on UCS with DeskApp as a possible replacement for Exchange and Outlook.

    On the whole it is working satisfactorily but we have a (special) problem. Many of my colleagues have two e-mail addresses user@company.a and user@company.a Users should not only receive messages via these addresses but also send them.
    For these cases I created another user, entered the (main) user as deputy, released and integrated the whole mailbox.

    Now to my “problems”: if I was in Outlook in the inbox of company.a and created a new e-mail, it was automatically used as sender or in the inbox of company.b their account was used to send. Is it possible to set this behavior in the deskapp?

    The second problem concerns saving messages sent via the shared mailbox. These will end up in both the Sent Items folder of the shared mailbox and the Sent Items folder of the main mailbox. This is not desired in our case, can this also be switched off via a setting?

    Many thanks in advance.


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