Installing Kopano core- fails with missing dependency on python3-xapian

  • Hi,

    I am trying to install Kopano on CentOS 7 with EPEL but the Installation fails with a missing package.

    This is what i have done:

    tar xzvf core-
    cd core-
    mkdir notinstall ; mv *devel*.rpm *debug*.rpm notinstall
    yum install *.rpm

    This is what I get:

    ---> Package kopano-search.x86_64 0: will be installed
    --> Processing Dependency: python3-xapian for package: kopano-search-
    ---> Package libXdamage.x86_64 0:1.1.4-4.1.el7 will be installed
    ---> Package libXfixes.x86_64 0:5.0.3-1.el7 will be installed
    ---> Package libXxf86vm.x86_64 0:1.1.4-1.el7 will be installed
    ---> Package libwayland-client.x86_64 0:1.15.0-1.el7 will be installed
    ---> Package libwayland-server.x86_64 0:1.15.0-1.el7 will be installed
    ---> Package libxshmfence.x86_64 0:1.2-1.el7 will be installed
    ---> Package mesa-libgbm.x86_64 0:18.0.5-4.el7_6 will be installed
    ---> Package mesa-libglapi.x86_64 0:18.0.5-4.el7_6 will be installed
    --> Finished Dependency Resolution
    Error: Package: kopano-search- (/kopano-search-
               Requires: python3-xapian
     You could try using --skip-broken to work around the problem
     You could try running: rpm -Va --nofiles --nodigest

    This are my repos (yum repolist):

    repo id                 repo name                                         status
    base/7/x86_64           CentOS-7 - Base                                   10019
    centos-sclo-rh/x86_64   CentOS-7 - SCLo rh                                 8366
    centos-sclo-sclo/x86_64 CentOS-7 - SCLo sclo                                780
    epel/x86_64             Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux 7 - x86_64    13291
    extras/7/x86_64         CentOS-7 - Extras                                   419
    remi-php73              Remi's PHP 7.3 RPM repository for Enterprise Linu   317
    remi-safe               Safe Remi's RPM repository for Enterprise Linux 7  3477
    updates/7/x86_64        CentOS-7 - Updates                                 2231
    repolist: 38900

    I could no find python3-xapian in any repo.
    Please help.

  • I’m facing the same issue here. Will this problem be addressed in future builds? python3-xapian is still missing in the CentOS package

  • The same error with core-

    Fehler: Paket: kopano-search- (/kopano-search-
    Benötigt: python3-xapian

    Which kopano-Version is working with Centos 7 ?


  • This post is deleted!

  • @thctlo
    Mixing rpms between OSes is a very bad idea. Please don’t recommend it to people. For example, CentOS is currently still on Python 3.6, whilst Fedora is on 3.7.

  • i’ve removed it.

  • Hi guys, did someone find a solution for this issue?

  • Did anyone find a solution?

  • Kopano

    I would recommend using a Debian based distribution, RHEL/CentOS is just not a focus (at the moment).

  • First of all i think its pretty sad that theres currently no focus on RHEL especially since i suppose kopano is meant as an enterprise solution.

    For the community imho its still pretty tough to install kopano (lots of archives, some even with missing rpms inside -> chose RHEL-EPEL where possible as it seems the most complete). I think it would also help to have a repo available for the community. You definitely make it harder to install than it should be. Using createrepo is currently of no use either since there are lots of conflicts. I had to force the installation via rpm

    Part of the solution for RHEL is described in

    I also used the howto at (written for debian but can be used on RHEL in a similar fashion).

    Still I had quite some problems:

    1. kopano-webapp-plugin-filesbackend-smb has dependency for a php5-package whilst it should be PHP7 (as the tar-archive suggests).

    rpmrebuild, correct the package name, install …

    1. kopano-search wants python3-python-magic and python3-xapian

    install the packages providing these by rpm or (compile/install) by source any rpmrebuild

    1. lots (!) of unmet dependencies.

    yum install these

    1. found by accident: kopano-cli --list-users needs the python module tzlocal

    /usr/bin/pip3 install tzlocal

    Hoping my findings help some of you out. All in all: the installation on RHEL is totally possible!

  • Hey Adrian,

    thank you for your detailled explanation. I will try it in my lab environment.


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