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    i once posted about my problems using a custom backend with an ipad and an android device.
    Here i am back again with quite the same issue - but now sync isn’t working for any mobile device i have tested.
    The same error-message, the same reason for loop-mode, z-push recognizes changing uuid’s for the folders and forces loop-mode.
    However, sync still works fine with Thunderbird and the TbSync-Plugin.

    Any hints how this can happen? Does my backend even have an influence on the uuid? My code for folders is quite similar to the “example”-backends that come with z-push (caldav, carddav)

    I would appreciate any help, if you need further information (e.g. full logs) just tell me.

    Thanks for your time and kind regards


  • Someone who can answer my initial question?

    Hijacking my own post to ask another question:
    I did further testing and found that the initial sync of contacts on an android device works fine. However, it looks like the device is requesting the sync of tasks after that even though only contacts are set in the (global) Exchange settings as active to sync. Is this a known problem with android devices? As far as i know most android devices dont have a native support for tasks via exchange, do they?

  • Sry can not help you with your inital question, but i can answer you this both:

    @Dennis said in Loop-mode back again:

    Is this a known problem with android devices?

    i would say no, because we have no problems with this. do you sync your mails also via active sync?

    As far as i know most android devices dont have a native support for tasks via exchange, do they?

    they have, but not like an ios device. you will get a new part in your Gmail app. Sync your mails via Active Sync and you should get in the left navbar a new point with “Tasks”, just below of your Inbox.

  • No i am not syncing emails via active sync or at all.
    But good to know where i can find tasks on an android device. Thanks alot!

  • Kopano

    Hi @Dennis,

    since this is your own closed source backend its hard to say what could be going on without any logging.

    Since you probably got a commercial product relying on this functionality I would recommend to get in contact with our sales team so we get a developer directly looking at your system as part of some custom development/prof. services. You can find our contact information at https://kopano.com/contact/.

  • Hey Felix,

    first of all thanks for your reply. As i mentioned earlier i can provide full logs of the sync if that may help to narrow down the problem. Just tell me the preferred way to provide logfiles.
    But i still struggle to understand why the uuid of the folder is changing and how my backend takes effect on the uuid. Maybe you can get me back on track.

  • Kopano

    Hi @Dennis,

    I’m not a developer myself, so I can’t tell you any details. I know though that within the Kopano backend we are using shortened folder ids since Outlook as a client did have problems working with our full length ids. could be that this id hashing is in effect for all backends. Could that be what you are seeing?

    Edit: as for “what logs to provide” a wbxml log of when the device was setup (to have the initial foldersync) and when the problem occurs is usually helpful.

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