feature request: Notification Window

  • Hello,
    I know that deskapp - like webapp - simply uses desktop notifications. Nevertheless, I would be very happy to have a notification window for reminders like thunderbird or outlook have, something like that: 6fb69af1-849f-4816-a800-8cedcad22b39-image.png
    It’s very convinient to have information like subject and times at a glance. Will it be much work implementing something similar?

    Best regards


  • Kopano

    If I understand correctly you want the reminder dialog in an external window stealing focus whenever it pops-up?

  • Sorry for late answer, i saw your answer only now. And yes, this is the behavior I would like to see, maybe it would be good if the user would be able to choose as an option what kind of reminder he would like to see. But such a “focus-stealing” reminder would resemble the behavior outlook has, wouldn’t it?

  • Kopano

    I think it would, yes.

    I’ve created place holder ticket https://jira.kopano.io/browse/KW-3183
    Details need to be thought out.

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