• Hello

    first, excuse me for my french / english translation (from google translate)

    Is there a plugin or a method to export Kopano contacts to excel or other software?

    After searching many forums I tested the export to Thunderbird using various plugin (tbSync, cardbook, export import tools, provider for exchange, …). I manage to import Kopano contacts to Thunderbird and Thunderbird to .csv but the contacts are incomplete. When exporting from Kopano to Thunderbird the categories are not exported or they are extremely important for me.

    Do you have a (other) solution to recover Kopano contacts, with the category, in a standard format?

    Thank you


  • Hi @VincentB

    thats a function I hardly miss too.

    As there is a possibility to export a single contact/appointment but no function to export them all at once (what I think should be not a problem when a single export is possible) it seems to me the developers want to make it difficult to make a change to another groupware suite.

    Or did you get an answer since you posted this question (nearly A YEAR ago).


  • Kopano

    With python-kopano you have a powerful tool to export and manipulate data.

    I linked to a simple csv tool a few days ago in https://forum.kopano.io/topic/3209/automated-address-export. Another approach would be https://stash.kopano.io/projects/KC/repos/kopanocore/browse/swig/python/kopano/scripts/rfcdump.py. and there is kdav as well which could export contacts via carddav.

    If you need specific help or scripts created to you I’d recommend to reach out to the Kopano support.