import imap / thunderbird "keywords" - imap backend

  • Hello, we are running kopano community, nightly build from April 2019.
    I am currently importing all mails fro mall users, and one user is heavily using the Thunderbird “keywords” feature, which are actually converted to non-system IMAP flags with names like $Label3 etc. I use imapsync resp. kopano-migration-imap and it can be convinced to sync these flags with --regexflag 's/$Label/$Label/g (actually this is just a trick with a 1:1 “replacement”, thus circumventing the special character $). The imapsync logs say the labels are written to the destination server, but on the next sync they are written again and they do not seem to appear on the dest server. Can the kopano imap gateway store non-system IMAP flags, and has anybody succeeded in transferring such flags with imapsync / kopano-migration-imap? Regards, Jakob

  • Kopano

    Hi @isol,

    where would you expect these tags to show up on the server? you are speaking of is that correct?

    I think it depends on where thunderbird tries to write these tags to if kopano-gateway would retain these values.

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