IMAP: IOS devices show HTML tags in text-only preview

  • I know this has been an issue in the past but for some reason it is still occurring for me. I tried version 2.5 and the latest development branch, both have the same issue. Tested on an iPhone XS Max en iPad Air 2 with IOS 12.3.1

    Other mail clients on the same devices like Outlook and Nine work fine, it is just the default mail app that has this issue.

    My backend is Synology MailPlus if that matters.

    Any idea where I should start looking to fix this? Thanks!

  • Kopano

    Hi FrankdeJong,

    there’s a JIRA issue: There are also some comments on the issue and a pull request which we declined but maybe it would be helpful to you to get the idea where to look. If you’ll be able to solve the issue and want to contribute it, let me know and I’ll grant you permissions for JIRA and Stash.


  • I’ve just started playing with Z-Push again after a while away and I’m seeing this issue too with iOS devices running 12.4. Has there been any work in this area or is it still this one jira thread? I’m seeing it in all mail folders, not just the sent. Could I get read access to the JIRA to see if I can find anything that might be able to help?


  • Kopano

    Hi kour1er,

    I don’t know if currently someone’s working on it. Usually contributors assign the issue to them and fix in the matter of days.

    Z-Push JIRA is already publicly open, you don’t need a special read access. If you’d like, I can grant you the community contributor permissions, so that you’re able to update issues, create branches and pull requests.


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