Error while connecting to search on "file:///var/run/kopano/search.sock"

  • Hi all,

    we are seeing a lot of this error in our kopano server log after reindexing kopano search. This error seems like it does not affect performance at all still annoying since the log gets bombarded with it.

    Anyone knows how this error affects performance and how to fix it?

    Kind Regards

  • Kopano

    Hi @Drees,

    can you specify the exact version you are observing a behaviour with. this makes it easier to reproduce. The key point although is the following:

    @Drees said in Error while connecting to search on "file:///var/run/kopano/search.sock":

    after reindexing kopano search

    kopano-search will only create this socket once it has completed the indexing process. Meaning that until this this socket exists (and therefore the interface that kopano-server is using to talk to search) it will fallback to doing direct database searches.

    Once indexing has completed the socket will be created and kopano-server will connect to it (you do not need to restart it or something) and use the index for searching.

  • Hi @fbartels,

    thanks for your reply. The file you mentioned allready exists though. And the behaviour allready lasts for around 4 days which seems rather long in my opinion.

    Versions are:

    kopano services are 8.7.0

    Kind Regards

  • Kopano

    @Drees if the file exists, but still the error is logged then some more further investigation is needed. Since you are running 8.7.0 I assume you have a support subscription? I’d recommend to get in touch with our support in that case.

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