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  • Hi there,

    I would like to port a client program from unix to windows. However, this program uses the kopano library (for accessing the store). Kopano core does not seem to be available for Windows at least precompiled. Is there a way to get at least the python libraries working on a python-enabled windows environment? Compiling is not a problem, the current package of kopano core I am using is self-compiled anyway.

    Thanky in advance!

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    Hi @marlemion,

    we have cleaned up a lot of code that was use to get our software running on Windows when we moved from Zarafa to Kopano (because back then it was utilised by our windows client). If you can get everything compiled on windows and it works its good, but if not then we do not have plans to bring windows support back.

    I am curious what kind of software is this that you are working on? If you don’t want to disclose this publicly you can also send me a direct chat message on this forum.

  • Hi Felix,

    Basically, it is a very specific email importing client. It connects to a certain inbox, monitors it via ICS and processes Emails based on their content (subject, body) etc upon user request. I use PyQt for the GUI and so far it works very nicely (on Linux).

    So maybe I try to compile the kopano core package on Windows. Is there any information for this around?



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