kopano-migration-imap without knowing kopano passwords?

  • Hi Forum!

    I want to migrate from Dovecot to kopano. Is there a way to do that without resetting Passwords?

    For Dovecot there is the “Master-User” Feature, so I can use the kopano-migration-imap tool and log in to get the mailbox content without knowing the PW.

    But the kopano-migration-imap also needs the pw of the Kopano Account to put the mails in.

    Is there a way to use something like a master PW here too?

    Thanks for any hint…

    P.S.: 'Till now my migration plan looks like this:

    Starting situation: UniventionDC-Master with Dovecot IMAP Server.
    Wanted situation: Univention DC-Master with Kopano on

    1. Install a intermediate UCS DC-Slave with Dovecot
    2. Change all users to use the new DC-Slave as Mail Server in Univention Management Console. This auto creates empty dovecot mailboxes on the DC-Slave by the univention notifier/listener mechanism
    3. rsync dovecots maildir from DC-Master to DC-Slave
    4. Konfigure Master-User for Dovecot on DC-Slave
    5. Uninstall Dovecot from DC-Master
    6. Install Kopano on DC-Master
    7. Adding the Kopano-user-role to all users in Univention Management Console. This autocreates ldap authenticated kopano mailboxes for all users.
    8. Use the kopano-migration-imap tool to sync the Mails back from DC-Slave to DC-Master. Reading mail is no problem (dovecot master user) but putting mails back into Kopano does not work because the tool needs the user PWs

  • OK. I have missed some lines of the doku:
    kopano-migration-imap --help
    –authuser2 str : User to auth with on host2 (admin user)

    which sounds exactly what i wanted. You can give an Kopano Admin User here

    But if i do:

    kopano-migration-imap --host1 mydovecot.test --user1 anna@dom.test*dovecotadmin --password1 XXXXX --host2 localhost --user2 anna --authuser Administrator --password2 XXADMINSPWXX

    all mail from the mailbox anna is stored into the kopano mailstore of Administrator (the store for anna exists).

    No one any Idea?

  • Kopano

    Hello @gerd,

    you can change the server_socket in dagent.cfg to the file socket, this way kopano-dagent will run as an administrator and ignore incorrect passwords.


  • Thank You, that was what i was looking for.

    Yours Gerd

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