Force full resync with custom backend

  • Hi all,
    We have been using z-push from years with our custom backend.
    Now, due to a bad choice for folderId values taken in past, we decided to update our backend with new logic that better reflect our server-side folderIds.
    We know that this change has impact on information stored both in state and in devices, so we decided to follow the procedure described here (,
    about cleaning state dir in oder to force a full-refresh.
    Unfortunately, we noticed that some devices (especially Android) are slow to understand that a full-refresh is needed and they took serveral hours just for starting the sync.
    We tried also the resync command from zpush-admin with poor success.
    So my question is, are there any other tricks that we can use in order to make a device start a full-refresh as soon as we delete the state dir?

    Any help is appreciated.
    Thank you,

  • Kopano

    Hi Matteo,

    the only sure way for a device to start a full-resync immediately is to remove the profile from the device and re-create it again. Therefore of course a user action is required.

    There’s is no server side way to force device re-sync immediately because the user might have set manual sync or sync only X minutes. Then it’s possible that devices react differently to ActiveSync response codes for resync and some take longer than the others. So, no, it’s not possible to guarantee immediate device resync for all devices configured to use Z-Push.


  • I was hoping to not hear this…
    Anyway, thank you @Manfred for your clarification.


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