[solved] Is there a Plugin for text blocks available in kopano?

  • Hello all :)

    we changed from MS Exchange to Kopano. But we miss von feature. Text blocks. Is there a plugin for Kopano? Or exists an useable generic software for windows? There really many on the marked ;( We use it with UCS 4.4.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Kopano

    Do you mean insertion of custom text inside an email?
    e.g. just like signatures, but then with other ‘text blocks’?

  • Yes. For example:

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen
    Attached I send you the document XY as discussed with you on the phone. I also send you the desired ATU report.

  • @boospy
    static text blocks can be done with “signatures”, because they get copied to your email on the position of your cursor instead of changing your signature as Outlook would do.

    Best regards,

  • Yes we have done this with signatures.

  • @boospy @onex-de What is your experience with using signatures for standard texts?
    Because we faced the problem that when you edit something in the signature, for example the name of the recipient or add some text, the formatting gets messed up (font type/size, number of line breaks).
    While editing the email it looks fine, but if you review the email in your sent folder, it looks messed up.
    It even gets worse (number of line breaks) if you forward an email from your sent folder to another recipient.

    We still use the TinyMCE Editor, as Quill is very limited.
    Any thoughts on that?

    Thank you in advance!

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