Can not send invitations for meetings in webapp

  • Hello community,

    I hope this is the correct place, also for error-reports,
    if not so, please let me know.

    I have installed the latest nightly on a test-system.
    ubuntu 18.04 with
    core- and

    While sending mails works flawless, i can not invite/add other persons to a new meeting/ calendar entry via webapp,
    it says “sending …” and nothing else happens.
    Via Outlook this works fine.

    Creating calendar entrys without other persons involved works.

    Could not get webapp to produce logs. (even when setting this in config.php)
    Apache log is flooded with this:
    [core:notice] [pid XXXXX] AH00051: child pid XXXXX exit signal Segmentation fault (11), possible coredump in /etc/apache2

    Is anyone else faceing this issue, or even has solved it?

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi,

    maybe this is the same problem as described here:
    Problems with Webapp 3.5.7 - could not send mails

    I think the problem is fixed in core- Try an update

  • Hi nanohcv,

    just installed the update, and problem is gone,
    perfect, thank you so much!

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