Groups from AD for delegates

  • Hi,
    like this Group for permissions? we want to use groups from AD for granting delegate permissions.

    The command kopano-mailbox-permissons has following parameter:

    --update-delegate usernames                 Add or update users or groups who get the permissions for the given mailbox.

    We provide groups from AD this way:
    in ldap.cfg

    !include /etc/kopano/


    ldap_group_search_filter = (&(objectCategory=Group)(kopanoAccount=1))

    In AD we set kopano distributionlist and hide from addressbook.
    The group is visible in kopano-admin -L.
    All groupmembers are visible in kopano-admin -l
    The groupmembers are visible in kopano-cli --group <groupname>

    So we use this in this way:

    kopano-mailbox-permissions --update-delegate <groupname>--inbox fullcontrol  <mailboxname>

    <mailboxname> are a shared mailbox.

    Now we check the settings with kopano-cli --user <mailboxname>.
    The outcome is

    Name:                          <mailboxname>
    Full name:                     <mailboxname>
    Email address:                 <emailaddress>
    Active:                        no
    Administrator:                 no
    Address Book:                  visible
    Features:                      imap; outlook; webapp
    Store:                         E013F6D913534FBC98F50A51F603F3F9
    Store size:                    0.01 MB
    no user found with userid '00000000AC21A95040D3EE48B319FBA7533044250100000008000000D80200004151554141414141414155564141414135482F794935563351456E674A324D413443594141413D3D00000000'

    So what’s the problem?


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