recent kopano-server nightly build ( silently omits BCC messages !

  • Hi,

    I’ve been using core- for a few days now and apart from the quite significant problem that WebApp cannot send some mails, as described here:

    I’ve now also noticed a truly HORRIBLE Problem:
    All mails that were sent since upgrading to to “BCC” recipients, from Outlook (using z-push) as well as from webapp were not actually sent and silently ignored! I was made aware of this because mails that contained ONLY bcc recipients were not sent at all and stuck in the Outlook 2016 Outbox . While debugging this problem I noticed that if I send mails to To: X, CC: Y and BBC: Z they only get delivered to X and Y, but not to Z.

    So the current daily builds, at least the one from last week is truly broken in a dangerous way!
    I’ve downgraded to core- - this fixed both problems.


  • Kopano

    hi @Gerald ,

    this works for me as expected with

  • @Gerald said in recent kopano-server nightly build ( silently omits BCC messages !:

    I send mails to To: X, CC: Y and BBC: Z they only get delivered to X and Y, but not to Z.

    I have the same problem with

    edit: this seems to only affect mails created with MS Outlook

  • @fbartels said in recent kopano-server nightly build ( silently omits BCC messages !:

    xpected with

    Same problem here! I contacted support Friday but still heard nothing!

  • Kopano

    @leroyk2 due to summer holidays our support is a bit understaffed afaik at the moment.

    The version I tested back then was already newer/higher than the 8.7 release for customers so that would be strange if it also appears there.

    In any case some exact repro steps would be helpful (also towards support) as for me it still worked a week ago.

  • @fbartels
    I have attached the repo steps and traces to the ticket. Because it contains sensitive information I do not want to post it here.

  • I also contacted support and it could be reproduced:

    Seems like a fix is on the way.

  • A fix is nice but when is it released!
    It is annoying that these kinds of basic things are broken

  • @fbartels:
    I can/must confirm that with Kopano 8.7.3 supported the same behavior is observed. BCC from webmail works, but not from z-push devices (not sure about imap). You see errors in z-push.log like

    [ INFO] [name removed] StatusException: KopanoBackend->SendMail(): Error saving/submitting the message to the Outbox: 0xFFFFFFFF80040607 - code: 120 - file: /usr/share/z-push/backend/kopano/kopano.php:730

    , and the mail never arrives in the spooler or at the MTA.
    Honestly, I find it strange that such basic functionality is broken in an official, supported release. People do not watch their outboxes regularly, so the non-delivery comes as a total surprise to the sender. When can we count on a fix being available? If this is a longer time, would a downgrafde to 8.7.3 be a viable option and solve the issue?
    Also, why is that message at the “INFO” level? If you cannot save or deliver a message, that is surely not an “informational level” problem !?
    Regards, Jakob Curdes

  • How can this issue be fixed? I really need to send bcc mails with Outlook 16

  • Kopano

    @Allyfied what version are you using?

  • Hi,
    i’m using
    Kopano Core
    Z-Push 2.4.5
    Kopano4UCS 1.5.33
    on UCS 4.4.0-errata

    There seems to be no newer version available in UCS.

    This is the output of apt-cache policy kopano-server:

     *** 500
            500  Packages
            100 /var/lib/dpkg/status 500
            500 kopano-core_20190418110013/amd64/ Packages
            500 kopano-core_20190418110013/amd64/ Packages

  • Kopano

    @Allyfied a build containing a fix for this is not yet available in the final repository (although we are in the last stages of testing). If you want an urgent fix you could upgrade to the packages from pre-final (e.g.

  • ok, thanks. I will report this to my customer and see, if they want to upgrade or wait a bit more.


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