Does the newest Kopano-Gateway work with ZCP 7.2.1?

  • I’m upgrading the our core server to kopano, but I’m slowly working my way into the core to make sure every component works before I but it into production.

    I just installed a kopano-gateway server and pointed it at the zarafa core server (version 7.2.1) and it seems to half work. No errors inthe gateway.log but the clients will not authenticate.

    So I’m worndering if the newest Kopano-Gateway is suppose to work with ZCP 7.2.1?


  • So I’m going to answer my own question here…

    I did a sandboxed upgrade (which went perfectly smoothly!) and I found that the new gateway didn’t work with the new core server either!

    I then tried a different client and it worked immediately, so looks like I have a boggy client???


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