MAPI logging - Outlook modified tags from Plugin

  • Hi,
    we are still using the old zarafa-outlook plugin in some cases/customers and we have got a software, that integrates very deep here.
    When I archive a message with this software (crm-like software) it modifies the message aka the MAPI Object, but I dont know where or what exactly.
    So… is there any possibility to get the MAPI modify log, that i can see, what exactly is done by the plugin?
    server-log-level 6 is not enought ;-)


  • Hi Sebastian,

    maybe it would be an idea to use good old Outlook Spy++ - have a look at Message without the 3rd party software and have a look afterwards ( no paid advertisment for Outlook Spy++ ).

    Another option would be to modify i.e. the Spam Scanner Daemon Python script and let it dump on change of item all properties.


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